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Ocean As A Garden

In The OCEAN AS A GARDEN, we present at Lost Eden Gallery two and three dimensional artworks as a critical investigation tracing the movement of Australian native plant and seed species, that botanists shipped to England in the 1800s, pressed in layers of paper or planted in Wardian type boxes, some never to arrive, fallen or discarded overboard they are now reimagined at the bottom of the ocean as a garden of sorts, as Symbiocene. Having grown up near the banks of the Indian Ocean, the Kala Pani we learn how human activity impacted on the natural flow of water, listening to grandmothers and othermothers stories of ships leaving to and from Australia, Africa and India laden with ‘exotic’ birds and animals, seedlings of ‘foreign’ species as well as indentured labourers.
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…The Last Sky

The Last Sky … is a series of works in paper by artist Dr Audrey Fernandes-Satar first presented for the inaugural Art Meets Vet Sciences Artist in Residence at Murdoch University and the School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences. Designed to encourage creative synergy between the artist and the staff and students at Murdoch School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, this program had collaborative interaction and engagement as a core component to encourage the artist, staff and students alike to explore cross-disciplinary interactions, seek new perspectives, and inspire new ways of thinking.

A catalogue of Arts Meets Vet Sciences can be viewed here
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ERASURE/s is a multidisciplinary art project, uses drawing as a catalyst to unravel the artist’s autobiography – built upon the life experiences and memories of women’s work who have previously been silenced emerge, through the progression of performance ethnography that moves from Mimesis to Poesis, to Kinesis. in a gender conscious world. Mimesis is a stop motion animation where thousands of charcoal drawings become the tools for the construction of the story, unraveling common representations of women ‘whose feet do not touch the earth’ (Kafh, 1999) with the sequencing of hard, mean work, the reality of many women in the artist’s family.
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Remembering Kala Pani

Remembering Kala Pani is an installation inspired by the ‘Tipu Tiger’ – the 3.5 million people who made the journey across the Kala Pani (the Indian Ocean), to live as indentured labourers and migrants in other lands