Remembering Kala Pani

Remembering Kala Pani is an installation inspired by the ‘Tipu Tiger’ – the 3.5 million people who made the journey across the Kala Pani (the Indian Ocean), to live as indentured labourers and migrants in other lands


Spanning print, painting, stop motion animation and sculpture, works derive from votive traditions and rituals from the artists’ places of birth, coupled with complex events and experiences that have shaped their lives and artistic practices.

Revealing itself in various forms, the figure of the tiger is presented as a counter-narrative to representations of the ‘colonial subject’; a cross-temporal force of embodied representation and resistance. Read about Remembering Kala Pani in Garland Magazine.

Project Title: Remembering Kala Pani Exhibition location: Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, Western Australia Year:  2021 Photography: Acorn studios