ERASURE/s is a multidisciplinary art project, uses drawing as a catalyst to unravel the artist’s autobiography – built upon the life experiences and memories of women’s work who have previously been silenced emerge, through the progression of performance ethnography that moves from Mimesis to Poesis, to Kinesis. in a gender conscious world. Mimesis is a stop motion animation where thousands of charcoal drawings become the tools for the construction of the story, unraveling common representations of women ‘whose feet do not touch the earth’ (Kafh, 1999) with the sequencing of hard, mean work, the reality of many women in the artist’s family.

In Poesis, Audrey Fernandes-Satar draws directly onto the walls of Moores heritage building as a performative moment where images of the Christ rising, with Mary at his side, are overlayed with saffron coloured elephants that move slowly across the surface of the walls At the same time that Michelangelo was painting these images at the Sistine Chapel (1536-1541), Vasco de Gama and the government of Portugal had ‘discovered’ the way to India and proceeded to demolish hundreds of temples and places of worship of the people of Goa.

… She said it was nineteen hundred and something the day they all left to find a better place Why did they go nowhere beyond nowhere She said we will never know No history was written then only in our throats in our necks in our chests she said only here could we know the deaf footsteps drawn on the black water the kala pani… Audrey Fernandes-Satar, in Artwork Issue 63, December 2005
In Kinesis the artist questions current critiques of post-colonial theory that have reduced the centrality of the figure of the colonizer and colonized. Is diaspora real? The progression from Mimesis to Kinesis, erases the divisions between performativity and performance, acknowledging that culture is performed as the works are created. In this way, stop motion animation, the inscribing of the walls, the moving of the elephants in the light installation, the washing down of the walls and white washing again are ethnographic tools through which stories are enacted and performed bringing culture and embodied experience together.

Exhibition Title: ERASURE/S Location: Moores Building Contemporary Gallery Fremantle Western Australia Year: 2005 Photography: Pascal Verydier; Arif Satar